DIY Roof Restoration – When Can I Perform DIY Repairs?

DIY roof restoration

When can I perform DIY roof restoration?

Your roof has an important job to do, protecting your house from the elements, saving energy, helping to avoid leaks, not to mention adding curb appeal and value. So it makes sense to keep it in tip top condition.  

Over time your roof starts to lose its glare, which means it’s time to consider restoring it and getting it back to its former glory. You will also need to consider restoration if you suspect that elements of your roof need fixing.

When it comes to roof restoration there are two options to consider: DIY roof restoration or working with a roof repair company. Below are some of the situations where you may find yourself considering DIY roof restoration or repairs.

Minor Restoration

On occasions there may be a need for minor restorations on your roof. Such small jobs barely justify hiring a professional roofer to do the job for you and you may decide to do the job yourself. One minor DIY roof restoration you may consider is filling small leaks. However, you should only ever consider repairs, however minor, if you have the skills to do them yourself.

Have roof restoration training

If you have previous training in roof restoration then provided you have the time, it makes sense to do it yourself and save money.

It’s always advisable that homeowner learn skills that enable them to do minor jobs around the house. But before deciding to any sort of repair work on your roof by yourself, make sure you have the relevant knowledge and can handle all that’s involved in the job before going ahead.

If it seems more complicated than you first thought then please don’t attempt it. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could do more damage than good, injure yourself in the process, and find that it costs you more in the long run.

When your budget is tight

It may be that your roof requires restoration, but you don’t have the budget to call in an expert. If you’re reasonably handy then you can always find a video that shows you just how to repair your own roof but ultimately it boils down to whether or not you should. If you have a straightforward roof and take all the necessary safety precautions it might be okay to fix your own roof, but we would never recommend a homeowner climbs on their roof, let alone mends it.

The bottom line

If you have common sense and the right tools, you may do a decent repair job on a simple item like replacing a couple of shingles. But ultimately, you should be asking yourself why am I missing shingles? Is there more extensive damage that perhaps I can’t see? If your spot any problems with your roof, getting advice from an expert is always the first step you should take.

For all roofing problems big or small, give The Roofman a call on 0410 452 234. We provide a FREE roof inspection and will give you a comprehensive report on its condition, an obligation-free quote, and how long it is likely to take.