Roof Bedding And Pointing

Roof Bedding and Pointing

Keep Your Tiles Secure and Safe from Leaks

Roof bedding and pointing are essential parts of your roof’s structure. They require regular maintenance to ensure your house stays in top condition. The Roofman provides roof bedding and pointing for any size or style of roof.

Roof bedding is a cement mortar that holds your roof tiles in place. Roof pointing is a flexible material that goes over the bedding and seals the ridge cap to the tile – it keeps water and other substances out of your roof, ceiling and home.

Over time, roof bedding and pointing are subject to natural wear. If yours have worn out, your tiles are no longer secure. Loose tiles can be dangerous for unsuspecting passers-by and leave your roof exposed to the elements.

When was the last time you had your roof re-bedded or re-pointed?

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Free Roof Bedding and Pointing Inspection

How It Works

Step 1: Call us to arrange your free roof bedding and pointing inspection.

Step 2: Once your inspection is complete, The Roofman will provide you with a comprehensive report that details the condition of your bedding, pointing and the general state of your roof. He will also give you an obligation-free quote and a timeline for any repairs.

Step 3: If you choose to move forward with the quote, we’ll organise a suitable time for The Roofman to complete your repairs.

Step 4: Once the job is complete, The Roofman will leave you with tips and information to help you maintain the health of your roof. He will also touch base with you occasionally to make sure your roof remains in great working order.

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