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Roof Flashing Installation and Repair

Need new roof flashings?

Roof flashings are the area of your roof where the two different sub-sections meet. They create a conduit for fallen water and leaves to be flushed from your roof and down the gutters.

Roof flashings are an integral part of the safety and efficiency of your roof. They ensure that your home is weather-resistant by diverting water so that it cannot enter your home.

The Roofman offers both installation and repair services for roof flashings. He brings 25 years of knowledge and experience to every job and can effectively treat any roof that needs his attention.

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Free Roof Flashing Inspection

Keeping your roof healthy is our top priority, so we provide free regular health checks for all customers. At the end of your free roof inspection, we will provide you with:

  • Photos
  • An extensive damage report
  • A professional recommendation
  • An obligation free itemised quote for identified damages/maintenance

Our free inspection will give you the information you need to make an educated decision about your roof.

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