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Roof Tile Replacement

Broken or Chipped Roof Tiles?

Roof tiles become damaged and cracked over time due to their long exposure to the elements and roof traffic (such as electricians, plumbers and solar installations).

When roof tiles are damaged, they create debris that can leave holes in your roof and allow water to creep into your ceiling. This debris can also gather in the gutters, flashings and valleys of your roof and create blockages.

If your house becomes damaged due to broken or chipped roof tiles, it’s unlikely your insurance company will cover the claim unless you can prove you’ve had your roof inspected and maintained regularly.

Are your roof tiles damaged?

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How Our Roof Tile Replacement Works

We have developed a simple four-step process to ensure that our roof tile replacement is quick, stress-free and minimally disruptive.

Step 1: The first step is to organise your free inspection.

Step 2: The Roofman will inspect your roof for loose, damaged or chipped roof tiles and also check your bedding and pointing, flashings and clips. Once your inspection is complete, The Roofman will provide you with a comprehensive report that includes images, diagnoses and professional recommendations. If any repair work is required, he will give you an obligation-free quote for your consideration.

Step 3: Once you approve the quote, we will schedule your repairs for a time that suits you.

Step 4: Once your repairs are complete, The Roofman will provide you with the maintenance tips you need to keep your roof healthy for years to come.


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