Will a New Roof Add Value to My Property?

Often people make the mistake of thinking that their roof isn’t an important consideration when it comes to valuing their property. This is far from the truth. Not only does your roof protect your property and its contents but it’s also one of the biggest and obvious features that people notice when they look at your home.

With this in mind, it’s important to know how much the roof impacts the value of your property and what should you be doing to make sure it retains that value. So, let’s dive in and take a closer look.

Curb appeal

One of the prime considerations, when your house is being valued, is its curb appeal. First impressions can make or break a person’s decision to place an offer on your property. As any real-estate valuer will tell you, your home’s exterior should be clean and welcoming and match the photo. Often the roof is the first thing that a prospective buyer looks at and it may be that a new one is needed to update your home. A lick of paint can also work wonders for your home’s appearance. A restoration would in most cases be more cost-effective than a new roof and will add value to your property.

The Condition

As already stated, the roof is the one thing protecting your home and all that’s within it from the elements. If it’s in a poor condition, this is likely to be reflected in any offers that you receive from prospective buyers since they know they will have to spend money on it. Keeping your roof in tip-top condition probably doesn’t cost as much as you think and will likely save you money in the long run. The main concerns to look out for are leaks, broken tiles, cracked pointing, and rust or mould. These issues are easily rectified and not only will they extend the lifespan of your roof but they will also boost the value of your property.

Energy efficiency

More people than ever are considering energy efficient roofing. Not only are people more concerned about the increasing cost of electricity in Australia but many of them also want to lower their carbon footprint. If you can offer a home that has a well-insulated roof, uses electricity free ventilators such as whirlybirds or solar vents, and has a heat-reflective coating your home could appear extremely enticing.

So how much value will a roof restoration or a new one add to your property?

It’s hard to say because it all depends on many variables. However, research suggests that new roofs can add between 10% and 15% to your property.

A new roof won’t always offer you the best ROI so it’s always best to speak to a roofing expert to determine what is the best option for your home and budget.

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