Leaking Roofs – What Causes This Problem?

leaking roofs

If you constantly have to fetch out buckets to catch leaks from your roof when it rains then you know how annoying this problem is. But, were you aware that leaking roofs can also be dangerous, especially if they’re left for a long time untreated?

Understanding where the leak is coming from can be quite tricky since the water can travel from the point where it is leaking, but there are several reasons why this may already be happening or could happen in the next day or two.


Age is the most common cause of leaking roofs since the roof surface deteriorates with age, so it becomes less effective. Constant fluctuations in temperature and changes in the weather also cause roofing materials to become dry and to crack over time. Furthermore, the tar also starts to melt when it’s exposed to the sun for long periods, which is why a roof generally need replacing when it becomes old.

Cracked flashing

Flashing is the name for the thin strips of metal which are installed beneath the shingles and their role is to create a water-resistant barrier on the roof. Broken flashing can be detrimental to your roof and can also be the cause of leaking roofs.

The flashing is often held in place by tar and when this starts to deteriorate, it leaves the flashing exposed and open to natural elements such as rain and wind which can cause it to crack. This issue is best fixed by a roofing contractor so be sure to contact The Roofman if this is a problem you’re facing.

Broken shingles

Shingles form the exterior surface of the roof and are vulnerable to damage. Sometimes they can get distorted and moved out of place by heavy rain or strong gusts of wind. Other times the roof clips which hold the roof tiles in place are broken or have become clogged with debris, causing the roof to leak. Signs that you need new tile clips are water stains, black patches of mould, and holes in the ceiling.

Clogged gutters

Gutters are intended to help drain water away from the roof but at times they can get clogged, particularly when trees are dropping their leaves. Dropped leaves and other debris can cause a blockage which means there is nowhere for the water to travel. Instead, it accumulates in the area of the blockage and eventually seeps through any cracks. It’s important to clean out your gutters on an annual basis and always keep your roof surface clean too.

Whenever you see the signs of water leakage don’t delay. Matters will only get worse. Instead phone The Roofman. We offer a free no-obligation Brisbane roof inspection and can tell you right away if there are any problems with your roof that need fixing. Having an annual roof inspection will help spot minor issues before they become major issues and keep your roof healthier for longer.

Call The Roofman today on 0410 452234 or contact us by email. If you want to speak to a professional tradesman and leaking roofs, then look no further.