Roof Flashings – What Are They and What’s Their Purpose

roof flashings

When it’s not your profession getting to grips with some of the roofing terminologies can be difficult. Take ‘roof flashings’ for example. You may have heard mention of them but what exactly are they and what’s the point of them? We thought we’d base this article around roof flashings since they are an extremely important part of your roof and it certainly won’t hurt to know more about them. So, let’s dive in and take a closer look.

What exactly are roof flashings?

Roof flashings are a type of structural metal fitting that used to prevent leaks occurring in your roof and sometimes they’re also used to strengthen and repair vulnerable areas. Flashings can be hard to spot on polycarbonate or metal roofing although you can sometimes spot new fittings even on a modern roof

Roof flashings – the bottom line

When you stop to consider the consequences of a leaking roof, the importance of roof flashings is easier to understand. A leaking roof can cause unbelievable damage to the inside of your property. A single leak can wreak havoc with your electrics and could even cause a fire. It can also rot the timbers supporting your roof and promote the growth of mould and fungi which can spread rapidly.

You’ll probably be astounded by the cost of repairing this type of damage – and not in a good way! Add to that the cost of significant repairs to your roof and the overall cost of fixing the problems caused by leaks can be astronomical.

Roof flashings and guttering are your arsenal in the battle against water leaks and form the frontline defence. Fortunately, an experienced roofer can detect and fix roof flashing problems quickly – and even better, it doesn’t cost a fortune. Spending a few dollars on roof flashings can save thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential damage.

Do your roof flashings need repair?

You don’t have to be a roofer to notice possible signs that your roof is deteriorating. If you have an older property, then it’s more than likely that some of the flashings are looking worn down.

Here are some signs to look out for:

  • Misaligned roof tiles or panels – A classic sign that your roof has suffered an element of deterioration is roof tiles or panels that don’t look properly aligned. While this is a fairly minor problem, it does need fixing. The Roofman can check your roof for any structural issues and carry out a thorough repair.
  • Ceilings or interior walls are discoloured – A fairly common sign of a leak is when you spot what looks like a stain on your ceiling or internal walls. If you see discolouration then you do have a leak and it’s important to call us right away to get it fixed. A leak that is well established can cause serious trouble especially when there is torrential rain.
  • Smells of mould – Mould only grows where there is water. It’s a sure sign that water is getting into your property from somewhere – and usually, it’s entering through the roof. Even if you can’t see where it’s coming from, a roofer will be able to locate it and fix the problem. The sooner you get this issue sorted, the better. Mould can cause a health risk, particularly to people suffering from respiratory issues such as asthma. Young children and elderly people are also at risk.

Do you need help with your roof?

Hopefully, you’ve found this information about roof flashings to be useful. If you’d like some professional assistance with your roof in Brisbane then The Roofman provides FREE high-quality roof inspections. We’ll give you a comprehensive report together with a no-obligation report for any necessary repairs and a projected timeline. This service helps extend the lifespan of your roof and we’ll also give you some simple maintenance tips you can do yourself too. Contact The Roofman today and help your roof last longer.