Residential Roof Cleaning – Discover the Benefits

residential roof cleaning

Every home needs its roof regularly cleaned by a professional who is skilled at his job. Consistent roof washing not only improves the curb appeal of a property, but residential roof cleaning offers other benefits too. Let’s dive in and take a closer look.

Residential roof cleaning prevents damage

While a cracked tile can cause damage to your roof, the type of damage we’re referring to is that caused by unwelcome plants and fungi taking a shine to your roof, such as lichen, mould, and moss.

You may wonder why your roof is growing a ‘green carpet’ and the answer to this is moisture and warmth.

These plants thrive in a warm moist environment which often makes roofs the perfect breeding ground. Unfortunately while your roof is intended to prevent water from entering your property, it can also become the reason for moisture to stay around longer than it’s intended.

Moss thrives in conditions that are damp and shady. Similar to algae and lichen its roots grow into the roofing materials and spaces between the shingles. It also retains moisture because it grows so thick and keeps the roof damp, causing deterioration to roofing materials while promoting further plant growth.

Moss can find its way under tiles causing them to warp, crack, or shift. Additionally, moisture held on the roof by moss and lichen can freeze when the weather is cold causing cracks in the roof. Moisture on your roof also becomes a breeding ground for mould which can pose a serious health risk if it gets into your home and can also expose rafters and other timbers to moisture which can cause them to rot.

Residential roof cleaning is a must for those selling their properties

A reliable roof is one of the first things that homebuyers look for. Even if it isn’t yet causing any damage it will cause anyone viewing your home to regard it as a ‘fixer-upper’ which is likely to result in low offers.

Professional pressure washing from The Roofman removes plant growth and other debris and restores the colour of your tiles and shingles, making your home look more attractive. A clean roof also lets us identify any cracked or warped sections which may need repair or replacement and we can give you a free no-obligation quote for any work that’s necessary.

Residential roof cleaning saves money

Whatever type of growths you have on your roof, the costs of pressure washing your roof, can save you money in the long term by extending the lifespan of your roof and saving you money on replacements or repairs. While a person may look at a roof and see imperfections that make them think they need a new roof, often it just requires a clean and this can save you thousands of dollars!


Never attempt to get on your roof yourself to inspect it. You could easily damage tiles and run the risk of injury should you lose your footing on slippery algae. The Roofman provides FREE roof inspections designed to detect and treat potential roofing issues before they become major problems.

If you’d like to know more about our residential roof cleaning service then please contact The Roofman. We service Alexandra Hills, Capalaba, Chandler, Gumdale, Redlands, and other areas around Brisbane.