Re-Roofing – Signs It May Be Time to Replace Your Roof

It’s difficult to know when re-roofing is required because checking your roof for signs of wear and tear probably isn’t something you do on a daily basis. With so many other things to think about it’s easy to forget about roof maintenance – but unfortunately, this can cause problems. Here are some signs that may indicate that the time has come to replace your roof or at least carry out some repairs.

To check if re-roofing is necessary start inside

If your roof is old and you think re-roofing may be necessary then oddly enough, the first place to start is not with the exterior of your property as you may think, but the inside – in particular the attic. Climb into your loft or attic and check if there are any beams of light shining through or any stains or water streaks which tell you that your roof is leaking.

Check out the shingles  

Take a look at the top of your roof to make sure everything is in good order, particularly after a heavy storm. Shingles should sit flat against the roof. If there are areas that are cracked, buckled or damaged then repairs are the order of the day. A sign that indicates your roof may be reaching the end of its life is when it is shedding a lot of loose shingle granules. So while you’re up there, take a quick look in your gutters and downpipes.

Examine the flashing

Flashing around chimneys and skylights serves to seal any roof seams from rain and weather in general. Make sure there are no cracks or breaks which could cause leaks. It’s a good idea to upgrade to metal flashing if your older property has flashing made from roof cement

Re-Roofing may be necessary if the roof is sagging

If your roof appears to be drooping or sagging it’s likely to need re-roofing before any further damage takes place. Look at the surface of the roof to see if there are signs of trapped moisture or boards that are rotting. While moss may look attractive lining a hanging basket when it’s on the roof it only causes trouble by trapping moisture. To get rid of moss gently remove it with a stiff brush but be sure that any underlying problems to the roof are dealt with.

Don’t panic

A small leak or a few damaged shingles doesn’t necessarily mean that your property requires re-roofing. If your roof is less than 20 years old and has been well installed, a few repairs may suffice. To be on the safe side, it’s always best to seek advice from a professional roofing company.

Has your roof been checked recently?

Climbing onto a roof is not something that we advise the general public to do. It’ easier and safer to let a professional check out your roof.

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